Friday, January 11, 2013

Riding Delight

I managed to get out on a day trip up to VT. I have been lacking in riding my snowboard with good friends for some years now. The last two years I preserved my lift tickets for Utah trips which uneventfully ended in boredom. My two good homies Craig and Eric & their friend Ryan were already up at Eric's VT house. So my alarm went off at 4:45 and I was in the car by 5:00 and was on my merry way. The forecast was good, it was calling for partly clouded and packed powder. As I was driving in the dark rocking out to Pandora my stoke began to soar. I hit the VT border by 6:30 and then got onto the back roads where I looked forward to some enthusiastic driving but continued to get stuck behind truck after truck and VT Locals. I was good on time so I just sucked it up and moved on when I could. I took a different route which led my up a Mountain with a great overlook. The sun was nowhere to be found but the beginning of it's rays were glowing the hills in the background. A few pictures and I was off. Hit the Sun Bowl at 7:45 and I was the only person in the entire lot. After further research I found the lifts open at 9 so I was quite early. Some time went by and soon I met up with my friends, and got on the lift. It was stellar out as I rode up the lift, perfect temperature, perfect conditions. As I strapped in I decided to film my first run, since I forgot my GoPro, the iphone had to do. Even spending the whole run holding a camera, I had a mighty good time, the groomers were absolutely perfect, got some serious edge. The runs to follow were equally insanely good. As I got more comfortable I started to find more places to catch some air, feeling awkward in the air I kept at it until I could find my weight balance. It was so fun, felt just like the good old days, it had been too long since I rode with my friends. I hop I can replicate a trip like this before the year is over.

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