Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Hale N Snow

Finally I got a chance to get some trail time. Headed out at 8am for some frosty trail, luckily a fellow rider already had a route planned and it put us onto the standard single track which was quite hairy but it was only for a few minutes until we hit the dirt roads. The dirt roads were getting some use from local rednecks on their atv's and for once I was somewhat thankful they had. The road was firm packed double track, it was all good as long as you kept it in the zone, anything off to the side and the bike stops. It was a good start riding the roads, it felt good, despite 20 degrees I was still sweating in a jersey with a t shirt under it. Got off the dirt road and onto trail, it was narrow but seen some bike and foot traffic so it was manageable. Then some paved stuff and then back to doubletrack and then down a good size descent, it was downright sketchy at all times but felt pretty good so I was light on the brakes enjoying the new challenge. I guess somewhere I rubbed a sidewall of the trail and it had me ejected off the bike, for some reason I found myself in the standup slide position I learned in Baseball. As I spent what seemed awhile in mid air I spotted my landing and saw a bald rock nearby but not my landing point so I had no idea what was going to be underneath. Lucky for me when I did hit, my ankles took the blow and I popped right up nothing happened. Onwards things got ugly for me, while climbing breathing got difficult, felt light headed and under energized. I knew two weeks off the bike would phase me but my goodness. I bailed on the ride from there and was pleased with my mild accomplishment and puttered home to suit up for food and Landon's appointment. I guess this was the first ride of the season, a bit weak on my performance but a good ride none the less! little guy is doing great, he has been very very good the last two weeks since his shots wore off, sleeps all the time. The last two days fro some reason have been tough, he's pretty grumpy, probably another growing spurt, still despite whatever antics during the day he always goes down 11pm-7am no matter what so I can't complain.

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