Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Total Awesomeness

I heard yesterday that desert dry Case was thawing quite nice, while it wasn't ready for hoards of bikes it was good to go. I planned to hit it in the morning where it would be nicely frozen for a somewhat legit first ride of 2013. Well it rained a little last night and this morning it was out of reach with having to tending to other things. The day got kind of dreadful, not bad but not great. I was working at my desk when the sun appeared low on the horizon at 3:00 and I said screw it, lets go see what Hale is doing. I geared up with an open mind thinking I could be pedaling right back home if conditions were not right. When I arrived at the entrance to Al's trail I was extremely pleased to find no slop or grease anywhere! Oh it was on like donkey kong! With a great start my spirits soared as I pedaled on trail, so much that my heart was not ready to keep up with these buff well rested legs. I found myself with a hammering heart rate and some wheezy lungs after a short stint of normal pedaling. It was a harsh reality of my mind over body, that 8 pounds of fat and lack of activity has sunk me into winter slacker. I had to slow down to allow my body to get back adjusted, but still I found myself with only one gear and legs for days but no lungs. Trail conditions were as good as any day. I was blown away and thrilled with the melt we got the last few days. Once I got some lungs back things felt better and I really enjoyed the crap out of riding. Tires were low so I got to take a good rest and pump both up. By the time I exited Al's trail I saw it had been only 36 minutes, I scratched my head knowing on a normal day I average 40 minutes on this trail. Knowing I stopped a few times for those non SS quick climbs and pumping up tires, I could have really impressed myself had I flowed it. Across the road on the more popular stuff I found more trail in great shape, I saw daylight starting to slip away and knowing I could sneak 15 more minutes in I decided to not ride home on the road in the dark. Put in a hour of riding on 5.9 miles, it truly felt amazing! After this snow goes should be interesting to see when the heck I will be able to ride with LuAnn going back to school. I figure I can always hike with the baby and do trail maintenance throughout my favorite trails. Landon is doing great, still sleeping 8 hours every night. I find he demands more work these days keeping him happy. He is still a very good boy and is growing so fast.

Hale hour bliss

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