Monday, March 25, 2013

A walk with the boy

not much going on around here with waiting for the ground the clear still. Some warmer temps thsi week but still not the heat we need to snap out of this thing as quick as I would hope. It was worth a walk to see what it's doing out there for giggles. The boy woke up early from his nap and I was waiting on new work to come in so we set off across the street and went on a walk. It was a mix of on and off soft 2-3 inch snow and and bone dry trail. Where there was dirt he ground was not even soft. Which means less time to dry once the stupid snow finally does get out of here. I walked to Al's trail since it's closest to the house and shortly in the boy was back to sleep so I probably spent about an hour walking a section clearing any debris and admiring what it's like on two feet. What a strange feeling that was, most the time I am too busy pedaling and focusing on all the attributes of controlling the bike through the woods effectively that I miss getting to that peaceful place. I can say things should be good to go this weekend at this rate, if not I will head south to find a ride. Onward melting!!!!!!!!!!!

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