Saturday, March 30, 2013

Saturday morning

Sun rise rides are awesome but always take a good commitment to get out cracking at 6:30. LuAnn is slaving to her school this semester with a heavy load of organic chemistry and genetics so I am slaving to the baby so 6am was my only ride option for Saturday. With tired legs and eyes I set out on a nice morning. It was perfect temperature out at 39 degrees and loving it. Things were going normal, suffering more than I would like on Al's trail but taking my sweet time. Looks like the far end of of the trail is getting logged, they marked some trees and got a sign up, nice of them to post a notice right on a trail that sees very little use. Cleared debris from the trail as I rode, not much just little stuff. Got to my favorite section and BONG rear wheels locks up, before looking down I already knew what happened. Three spokes, derailleur and hanger, and skewer nut cap are toast..... the wheel is massively off true and rubbed the whole walk home. I hope it can all be repaired, I did not sweat it much since these things do happen and I might have been due. I knew I should of went SS but was scared of my chicky legs. I guess monday morning will be my next shot. Can;t wait for her semester to end, but her summer courses will be tough for me trying to ride schedule but oh well. Ride On!

Morning fail

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