Thursday, March 7, 2013

New Steed

After my taxes were all done I found out that the Roy house would be getting a fatter tax return due to having a child in the house. So I talked with my lady and we agreed we should take out 10% and split it between the two of us to do as we please and send the rest to our savings account. Obviously my bike whore mind went into motion, so I got on the emails thing and sent another request to get back in line for a custom built Belltown frame. Since my SS ride has treated me well it never was the apple of my eye, it never fit me like a bike should either, and I have broken two of them and am on my third so it probably is only a matter of time. I love SS rigid, I would ride it all day anywhere around here. SS can be great with its lack of mechanicals and upkeep, but can also be tough when one gear defeats you when climbing steeps. So without enough for a complete bike I am going to hopefully piece together a modest build to replace the Raleigh. I am very nervous to be going to sliders and no more eccentric bottom bracket but I am hopeful since they are very common. Part of a bummer is the frame is 5 months out, Mr. Bob Spooner with Belltown bikes is currently producing out of his workshop while working full time job and frame building bikes on the side. He also has several builds in front of me so it will be a patient wait but well worth. I know some of his deigns I like best, he is going to have me test drive one of his rigid rides on his trails by his house which will be great to find what geometry and fit he wants to do. The whole experience is exciting for me and I cannot wait as this thing gets built. I get a choice of paint and I really thinking matte black. Here are some of his designs, I think the green one is most likely to be my primary choice, but that a look at some of his other design especially seat stays and top tube pretty neat.

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