Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Got it

Heard there was a ride going on down at West woods, this is a place I have heard a little about from a fellow rider and he knows it very well and looked forward since last year to get a tour. Unfortunately he was not feeling well so I still adventured out solo and as usual took probably all the wrong bike friendly trails. I got to the trail head and was pedaling by 3:45 down by the ocean side. I had some maps from everytrail that showed some different routes so I could have an idea of what I was doing. Well right off the bat it was pretty wide and I had more decisions to make than I could manage so it led me to violet eventually which was a wide double track and then a rough trail from there on. This place was obliterated from the last two hurricanes, I have never seen anything like it, so so many trees were down it must have been a nightmare getting it back into shape. The trail I was riding was in terrible shape which seemed to be the vibe for the ride. I could tell no bikes have been on it recently and probably hasn't seen maintenance in last few months. I was hiking a bike plenty on and off but I was pretty happy to not be dealing with snow. The terrain was incredible I must say, steep narrow valleys and huge boulders. There were some really nice lines for getting steep. I was on a mission for miles so I ignored them sadly but oh well. I ended up at another trail head and then finally found some smooth pedaling and was hoping for things to mellow out but sadly it came to more unknown reckless decisions. I soon found myself on top of a big rock looking down at inland ocean shore, it was somewhat of a sight. looking to see where the trail went there was no relief in sight. At times the trail was soo good, but it met too steep and too rocky for human consumption. I finally arrived to an intersection where I saw my first bike tire track and hour into the ride. Still I rode meh trail after trail hoping for the goods. I guess there wasn't too much goods by the time I was done. I really wish I had that tour but it is always fun to go somewhere new and explore. Sadly this meant mass confusion and lots of hike a bike. Would I go back, not likely. I always end up at the same result when I go ride somewhere down south, it just sucks, it's nowhere near as good as it is up north here, plain and simple. Not to say I won't check out new places but it is so nice to come home and know my local trails are nice and narrow for me.

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