Tuesday, December 2, 2014

20 years of Snowboarding

It is close to 20 years I have been sliding on a board. This winter I wanted to try something different, like getting on a pair of skis and brining some spice back into the mountains. So I found a great place called Utahskigear.com and got set up with cheap gear that cost me only 108$ I got boots skis w bindings and poles, I opted for twin tip since I would like to ride park once I can get comfy and like the twin twip look of them. I realized this is a very used setup that I would upgrade one day but for now it gets me going. I was anxious for Monday to arrive so I could get to the ski hill and give them a try. I arrived to Park City Resort to use my season pass on my first day out. I booted up and carried the skis to the lift where I wondered if I should try them before taking the lift. I opted for the lift an said it can't be that hard right. They felt weird and I hated looking like a beater but I did all my best to make it look smooth. I got on the lift and wondered what the heck am I doing but I was also very very excited. Got off the lift clean and said here goes nothing down a green run. No doubt it was awkward and I avoided the silly snow plow and went straight for linking turns. It felt incredibly awkward but I made it down my first run without falling. After a few runs I learned how to really use the iside edge on the turning ski and that helped so much once I learned that. Took a lift up higher and took a blue which had some sections I was not ready for. I lost control a few times but never crashed or got out hand. I was catching quick and found a really great green run that was perfect for the next 10 runs and every one of them I got more comfortable and began to really get into carving. The experience was great, it was nice to be challenged in the mountain since I rarely am. I had to leave after 3 hours since I had only an allowed time to ride but can't wait to get back! I took a blue down the mountain and reminded me how I still have a way to go.

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