Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Night ride w Bentley

Been too long since I have gotten my dog on the trail, wanted to see how he could keep up, he has not been a good bike dog the last few years and not much has changed, well he is a great trail dog its just he does not run fast enough on the DH and slows to a jog really. I have no idea if its just what he wants to do or all he can do, either way I absolutely love to bring him if it weren't for that issue of waiting for him. I went out after I put my son to sleep in an act of desperation to ride at least twice this week so there I was at 8:30 riding with no one else but my doggy. Bentley was alert not he trail but followed me perfectly and loved being right at my side so we shared the trail on the way up with him on my left or right. After a long up we were ready to go down and then I lost distance on my dog. He slowed to a trot halfway down and I had nothing to do but wait for him which was not a big deal. It was awesome getting a ride in and could of been my last if we got enough snow on Saturday which we did't! Hope to get rides this week with confusing conditions but worth trying.

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