Monday, December 8, 2014

Friday Morning

Me and my good friend Brent finally lined up the schedules and got on a ride. I definitely hoped to have more rides this year with him and I think we have been on 4-5 rides which is good enough but next year I hope we can do better. We chose to start at the zoo and see how far we could get in two hours. Starting in the dark my light was the only one leading the way since he does not have one, but with a full moon and the city lights it did well lighting the first 20 minutes of the ride as the sun rose. Going up dry creek was a snap and once we got to the overlook I had to make the tough decision to head down and would not be able to make bobsled. Still had a blast going down a steep loose trail mown as lime Kilhn or something like that. Making back to the car was sucky, was not ready to end that ride but was glad it happened in December!

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