Saturday, December 27, 2014

The one that worked

Well with all the great weather we have been having here in Utah has been absolutely great but like every year the snow will fall and trails will not be ridable. I have been lucky this year ad really got a lot of good rides in, and just like every year I felt like I only scratched the surface. But I am extremely grateful to my wife for making time on some of those days I urged to get out release pent up energy. I knew of a storm of impending doom that was on the horizon so I was to get out just once this week to ride dirt before it hit. Luckily I was able to get in on daylight and rode into the night. I was enjoying the ride, the trails were good despite a lot of rain the day before. There were only a few trails open so I did to laps on Rattler/Ghost Falls and then rode shoreline. I forget that Shoreline is actually pretty good in South Valley and was a good mix up into the night. The night was beautiful, there was a sliver of a moon and the air was so so so clear! I could see very little house lit in christmas lights and the moutnains around me despite little moon. The temperatures dropped while I was riding and the ground froze solid and while I wished I had more time I got about 90 minutes in and called it a night. One heck of a year, lots of Utah riding but like I said I have barely scratched the surface but have many good years ahead of me to do so many adventures I have planned.

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