Monday, January 5, 2015

Ho Ho Hoooo

   Merry Christmas everyone, it has been slow around here lately as you might imagine, with winter in full swing I have been off the bike for 2 weeks now and hurting a little but embracing not having to beg for rides all the time. Also I have been spending alot of time gettin another blog up and running that is known now as
   The truth is I should have bought a fat bike and could be blogging about rides on it right now, but I have already budgeted to repair my snapped belltown frame and have a backup SS rigid rig to have ready for the spring so I will have two in my fleet. Sadly due to finances I will push back a fat bike until next winter since I have made my choice on the bike that I want before spring and I will soon get you up to date on that.
   So onwards with the big day, it was our first Christmas where Landon was pretty with it and could open present and join in more in the festivities and it was truly great! My wife got me some great gifts that were all MTB related, how did she know right! Really sweet gear that definitely makes me look like I stepped my game up, pretty enduro and up to date colors which are screaming look at me but I will get use to them and you will too when you see me riding duuurrrttaaayyy. The helmet was spot on, such a piece of beauty, I put this thing on and did not want to take it off! It won plus x best product of the year in 2014! It fits so nice and deep and honestly fits better than any other helmet I have worn and looks damn cool. I am so stoked on it, never though a helmet would hit me so amped up but definitely cannot wait to get out on the trails with it this spring. Look at that masterpiece!

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