Thursday, January 22, 2015

Weds night

Schedule called for a night ride, with this stretch of great weather I am back trying to get a 3 days a week riding out on the trails. We went into a cold snap which is good and bad, good cause trails are frozen solid and are fast. Bad cause it's tough getting ambition to go ride when it's 25F out. But like a true bike whore I went out and pedaled into a lonely dark cold night. I was searching for other users but it looked like it was just me and the deer tonight. I passed so many on the first lap and then even more on the second, then I spotted a trail runner, was kind of comforted to know someone else was out there. Was on my way out to the shoreline trail with the remaining time to pull of a 90 minute ride. Saw even more deer on the shoreline, I counted 51 deer! I also spotted a low lying critter and turned out it was a coyote thank goodness, I am terrified of Mountain Lions. It was a beautiful night and had a great ride, the weather is looking good for awhile so rides shall continue!

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