Thursday, January 22, 2015

Monday is shred day!

     Living the dream, bike rides in northern Utah in january! Yeah the resorts are taking a hit with the lack of storms but to me its no big deal cause sooner than later the snow will fly and riding will shut down. I can't remember being able to ride thru winter like this, I must say I was never so desperate to ride as I have been in the last 5 years so maybe I could of rode more back then I just don't know. So long as there are dry trails to ride this guy won't quit until the weather shuts me down.
     So as planned I went out Monday morning before the family was up and had a pretty pleasant 34F ride that started in the dark and then the skies began to brighten just 20 minutes into the ride and off went the light and on went the ride. I am narrowed down to three trails to ride now, luckily location allows the sun to hit 3 good trails and I continue to use them for my fix. I made the mistake of taking Canyon Hollow on Monday and it was an icefest that I won't ride again. After two laps on rattler I rode out the shoreline trail to see how good it was. It was good about 90% of the way out and minimal ice. Got home and the whole family was still asleep, glad I can get this fix without troubling my busy wife.

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