Saturday, January 17, 2015

SO MONEY$$$$$$

Wow the weather has been in favor big time, the storms have rolled in and out we got a big break now with lots of nice sunny days and cold nights. Looking at Corner Canyon I had no idea what conditions might be, but knowing warm days during the day and cold nights meant frozen but not icy necessarily. I scheduled myself to to explore Wednesday night after hearing the fat bikes were doing just fine it was even more assurance that I might make it halfway up the trail. Armed with my new bike light which is a mighty fine Serfas TSL 1800, finally got a light that was long overdue and was so excited to go try it out on the trail, I will review that sucker later. There I was off to the trail at 7:30 after putting my son to sleep, Dad was going to see what I could ride. Starting off I was on dirt which I can't complain about that, the ground was semi frozen and the snow was packed solid and it was looking good. The light was crazy bright 3x brighter than my old lamp to be exact, what an improvement. Climbing higher I was still nervous but was so stoked on what I have already accomplished 20 minutes in. making it to Rattler I knew it would only get better or stay the same, was happy to report it got better. Plenty of packed grippy snow and plenty of dirt was well, probably a healthy 50/50 mix. Once I crossed the Ghost Falls I decided to see how high I could get, turns out I made it 5 more minutes up the hill before I was sinking and finding it not worth the extra effort so I turned round and had a hoot of a ride down. I took the probably less ridden and less smart option of riding down Rush and had a few close calls but luckily only one over the bar into the forgiving snow. Then it was back up to rattler for another loop. Felt real good to be out in the hills again, I was beyond excited to be able to steal a ride in january and looks like there will be more in the next week to come. For the next run I took it all the way down Canyon Hollow and then a grin filled stroll to the car, what a night!

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