Saturday, January 17, 2015

Saturdays Rippa

Got my good friend Brent to come out on this one, armed with lights and off into the dark at 6:30am we hit the frozen dirt. It was Brent's real first night ride with a real bike light anyway, he enjoyed it a lot more than I thought he would. Climbing was a bit of a bear for the first few minutes, my leg were real tight with the shock to the system on Wednesday and then a good days snowboarding the day before this ride. Nothing was going to shit these thunder thighs down though. Shed a layer 30 minutes in and found it pretty nice out in minimal clothing, was 28f and light began to slowly show. I stopped and snatched a pic and was really enjoying a magnificent winter morning. I was so glad that I had company, it's nice to have a little extra motivation to wake up at 6am to ride in a winters dark. But we were loving every minute of it, Brent especially enjoyed the ride down Canyon Hollow. We then were short on time and went out on the shoreline trail as far as we could since he had a time he needed to get home. While on the shoreline trail the skies went pink in a beautiful wave of what reminded me of the aurora borealis but in sunrise version. We soon made it to the car and off we went and I was looking for more trail time but had to get home to help out with my family as well.

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