Monday, January 26, 2015

A day of beauty

Missed my morning ride opportunity so I was set on trying to get out during daylight and since the kidods naps are pretty scattered these days luckily he provided and went to sleep and off I went for a warm cozy ride. The temperature around here has been pleasant, averaging 45+ degrees and I am loving it. I was pretty excited to be riding in the daylight, the night rides have been good enough to get the job dine but daylight was in my desire and I was glad to see my mountains around me. As I climbed rattler the sun popped out and with that it really felt good and brought a smile to my face. There were a few quite a few people out there this day and I caught some people climbing the fire road up the canyon and gave me the idea to ride on up there for the first time. The road gets plenty of sun and would give me a chance to try something new. The road was not very interesting but I did manage to climb to the top of the trail system and then headed down the road and made my way down a slick Canyon Hollow. So happy to be out there riding, hope to snag a few more rides this week, the weather looks pretty good for the forecast so far so lets keep riding!

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