Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The sneak attack

The weather was tough last week and Friday offered a good day to ride but I was not bale to make it happen since I chose to ski that day instead of bike which is a tough decision. So I needed to make it happen on Saturday before the rain rolled in, but with some bad luck the rain came early but that was not enough for me to go out and try. Unloading the bike it was raining lightly and I found trail and it was not bad at all. I spotted a few groups of bikers out as well and I just rode Rattler and Ghost and shoreline since they are all weather trails. I was happy to feel no guilt in riding that day since conditions were not bad, glad to have got one. Looks like the next two days are looking like I can squeeze rides lets hope before christmas day I will be knocked out for the season mostly with 4-8" expected in the valley.

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