Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Friday Morning Schweetness!

The snow is melting, the weather has been outstanding, full of 50s and 60s. This one morning I got out had me up at 5:20 but had me riding none the less! I decided it was time for some adventure and would ride shoreline north to the Rose trails. From a trail map it seemed straight forward and I could get a 2-3 hour spin. Arrived to the start and got to climbing at a decent pace, I have not been on this trail is probably 7 years so I remembered it being brutal but just how much? Well the switchbacks began and I got out of the creepy woods without running into a homeless person and got the a stiff climb. It was not too much for me but I felt it for sure as I rose above and got a great view of the city lights.
    I was so happy to be out riding, the trail was perfect, it was a nice 40f and I was riding my bike in late November! Some light was shining through the top of the wasatch which was the beginning of a very very scenic sun rise. Sadly when I hit the radio towers I had to round the corner where I would lose sight of the sun rise until I came back the same way. I did take in what I had and continued on unfamiliar trail down to a unique part of the mountain. It was quite flat and the cool sun rise illuminated the trail to the neighborhood where I met pavement and found my way to the Rose trails.     The Rose trails are a small trail system located in Bountiful to the north and turns out are pretty sweet. I climbed up a comfortable trail and then had the option to do the Dh or continue, but unfortunately I was out of time and had to drop down. In the mean time the sky was stunning. I met a fork on the Dh trail and should have stayed on the DH but found myself climbing on another trail to make a better loop but had to drop down double track to the pavement since I was not wanting to run late. It was straight forward on the way back, a much longer climb than expected but a good workout for sure. Not a bad way to start the weekend!

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