Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Wednesday Bonus!

Well the storm has come and past, the valley sure did not get much snow, a dusting at my house meant I just might have another shot at riding before next year! By Tuesday I had a feeling I would be riding at some point this week and sure enough my lovely wife asked if I wanted to go out Wednesday and I of course was stoked out of my mind and could not wait. I knew a few trails should be good to go but had no idea what it would be like up top. I stopped by a trailhead and looked down at the trail this morning and saw a lot of ice, luckily the forecast was 60f today and hoped for some melting. Ride time came around and I was going to be getting some daylight in on this ride. Climbing up from the equestrian trail was softer than normal since its very sandy but nothing to turn around for. The plan was to see how Canyon Hollow was doing and I made it there and hit ice pretty quickly. I was so surprised I could pedal up it without losing much traction. Once I passed the Ghost Falls South connector it got to slippery and I turned around and made it to Ghost Falls and rode down a pretty much clear run. I decided to try my luck over on Potato hill and found it a bit soggy and icy but still ridable so I rode on. Then it was back to Canyon Hollow and down Rattler for a solid ride. So happy to be out there riding, should have time for a few more this week lets get cracking until that next storm!

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