Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Fridays delight

Set off in daylight while my little boy was having a nap his mom stayed home while I went off to Corner Canyon. While I am not a fan of wearing out a riding spot I find that since it's 10 minutes away it makes the most sense since I am always trying maximize ride time but also not take too long out there. I was off to make my way up to Jacobs ladder. I kept it interesting going up Rattler and over to Canyon Hollow which took much longer than I thought and probably is the slowest way up to the top. From there it's a pretty straightforward pedal up a mix of fire road and single track. I have been up a few times this year but I did not know this was going to be different. I went past the normal entrance to the trail since it down keep going up on a rough steep loose road. I pedaled a bit and then found myself walking the bike and wondering how much of this was going to be worth it. After about 10 minutes I did not see that I was missing anything so I dropped in, turned out my 130mm ate up the rocky terrain pretty well. The bike shop felt it was necessary to let some air out of my shocks since i ride them so full, the added squish was more enjoyable. I guess I have had them filled too high and was really not getting a chance to properly enjoy the travel. Once I got on the standard trail I began to rip, I was feeling real good and felt good pushing the bike real hard. When it came to end it kind of sucked, I wanted much more! I climbed up the road to the summit and went my way down Ann's trail missing a steep rough ride like Jacobs. Maybe this suspension and gears thing is a welcome to a completely different ride unlike a rigid.
<iframe height='405' width='590' frameborder='0' allowtransparency='true' scrolling='no' src='http://www.strava.com/activities/219234410/embed/91bf58245fc85c1817783de7449ab7a00b7a459e'></iframe>

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