Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The ride that killed my bike

I set off at 5am into the darkness on a very warm Friday morning, it was my 2nd ride of the week and would be my last before the week ended since me and my wife were off on another National Park weekend. Riding into the morning it was only me out there, I was doing a pre ride for when my good friend Brent arrived at 6:30. I rode onto A big loop form shoreline to Canyon Hollow and then down Rush trail. I was taking it real easy and just made my way down as the normal and completed it top to bottom and then began to pedal at the bottom to another trail when I felt something very wrong. The cranks were clunky and had play. I check the cranks and they're erectly fine, I check the wheel and something doesn't feel right. The wheel seems fins so I begin to pedal again and feel horrid under my feet. I stop and take another look around and there it is, cracked down tube. My heart sank, I have just trashed my custom made steel frame. I could not help but feel disappointed but knowing what I put my bikes thru I am the only one to blame. Sure I could have grabbed that Kona Tanuki way more times but the fact was I loved this bike and adore it. I found pavement and made a sketchy fast smooth ride to the car. I would not be riding with Brent unfortunately. My other bike was off duty due to replacing the pads and pads rubbing. I drove home trying to imagine my options with repairing the frame. I contacted the frame builder and he informed me it's toast beyond repair. He will build me another since he knows how nutty passionate I am about his work. But the next will be burlier to stand my abuse. I stripped it down the other night and felt sad, it sounds pathetic but for some reason that bike was very special to me, I am very sad to see it go. So I want a new SS Rigid while the other frame is being built, something I can ride 50% or more of the time so I don't beat on the new Belltown when it comes. I am looking at a specialized Carve and am about to pull the trigger but still hesitant since I would be taking form savings and while I have some money I planned on using for this years ski season. In a bit of a dilemma that is really not a big deal but you know, 1st world problems. I still want a 160mm full suspension and was thinking of financing one this winter but I think I ride more XC and it just will have to wait. Lets see what happens.

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