Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Oh CRap

Well Saturday came and it looked like I had weather window in the morning before my local trails get buried. I headed out in the darkness of 6am with a sore heart to be saying farewell to the season. Others were out getting theirs as well, I was not the only light on the trail that morning. I had two goals for this ride, hit Maple Hollow DH and Ghost Falls for one last fun romp. Heading into the sunrise peaking to get a view into Utah Valley it was absolutely glorious. I stopped and smiled as I looked into the view of Mt. Timpanogos and the clouds above it vibrantly glowing in absolute majesty. I continued on as things went from pink and purple to a lush warm orange. When I hit the top of Maple Hollow I had to say farewell to the great view and put down a run the DH. I did not feel as good rolling down as I did the other week but I still managed to break all my record times set which was surprising. I could really do some damage on a longer travel bike but my tool works ok with 130mm of suspension. Went up Potato hill from there and got my XC on to make way to Ghost. Arriving to ghost I was sure to push hard down the trail as I usually don't on a SS rigid. I rode top to bottom and let off on the lower section and started to feel sad as I was ending my last ride of the season since 3-5" was on the way. I was content with this season, my wife was extremely understanding of my hobby and put up with me for one more season and that's all I could ask for with having to take care of a man child and our child. Boo Yah life is good! Turns out I did some real damage on the Ghost, I was not even pushing all that hard and got 5th overall out of 737! Also 62 overall on upper section out of 2,051 was not bad either. As I rode home the wind kick up and a strong storm rolled in.

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