Monday, November 3, 2014

Thursday Itch

another ride for this lucky guy, I have been low on time but eager for a different riding location so I made my way to Little Cottonwood Canyon Quarry trail. I have some good memories riding tho trail for sure, but it is not high on the list of a good ride. Don't get me wrong any ride on a bike is so fun, but compared to other options in the valley is probably why I have not rode it yet this year. Riding up there were plenty of bikers on the trail. This is only an out and back trail which takes about an hour so I would plan to ride it 2x. It was a tougher than I remember climb which makes a good workout. Once reaching the top I looked forward to tearing down since I remember really ripping down this trail hard. It was way looser on the ride down than I remember and once again miss having a 160mm bike. Once I was done I made my way back up the trail, I was not overly excited to go back up and I felt like I should have but I did and did so with my headlamp on since darkness fell. A few riders passed me and then it was me all alone climbing and I decided to turn around about 75% of the way up. A good ride and some good memories but it may be another long time before I end up back there.

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