Monday, October 19, 2015

Gooseberry Magical Ride

     I awoke at some time in the darkness and tapped my phone to see the time, it was 10 minutes to 6 and my alarm would shortly be going off, I was groggy and tired but got a few hours of rest and that was all I needed to make my way to the front of the car and begin charging everything and getting ready. Still pitch black I drove to the trailhead and got out and and began a memorable ride. I rode part of this trail years ago ago but was so little of it. I had the goal to do 2+ hours and the head for Rampage. The ride was tough in spots where gears would have helped a lot for quick steep ups but for the most part I manages. I came along the cliff as some little light was coming in. I wish I had daylight cause I bet the views were even better. Some early morning colors were illuminating Zion and it was absolutely breathtaking. As light came in I reached the point and began the much easier loop along the other side of the mesa. This part was much faster and still lots of fun. I went to go snap a picture on a vantage point since I could see the Redbull Rampage starting gate way down the plate and nearly stepped on a great basin rattlesnake. I fear rattler snakes, their wide angle head and tissue damaging venom, so scared of these buggers, for some reason he never rattled at me as I got a nice picture of him. Off on more trail and I was at the windmill trailhead faster than I expected. A ride along the dirt road with perfect time left to drive down to watch Rampage as I smiled ear to ear in bliss and excitement.

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