Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Utah Valley

   Been getting a little bored of the trails around lately, the good ones in decent driving distance anyway, I ventured out to Pleasant Grove and rode an area I have ridden some in and some never have. Starting at a different start point meant dirt roads all over the place to get to the familiar trail that I did know. No big deal, fast pedaling is always welcome, I did find some single track but it was likely a game trail that another MTBr took since I saw the tire so I did too. Climbing this area was pretty tiring, not to mention I was feeling lazy. It took way longer than I expected to reach the crop circle trails. By the time I did get there I did a little loop and then I had to head back. I had less time after the drive and needed to be home. I also forgot to hit the start button into the ride so lost some tracked miles, Doohhhh! Not very exciting but a monday ride is a win!

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