Monday, October 19, 2015

Thursday Night Rampage!!!!

   So finals for Redbull Rampage were moved to Friday which meant we were completely screwed for our trip going down there. Me and my wife were going to go ourselves and have the weekend to ourselves. But with last minute decisions, it ended up being just myself driving down Thursday evening at 4:30. I must say was incredibly excited for the next 24 hours, I had my bike lights so I would go on a ride when I arrived near Hurricane after 9pm. The drive was beautiful and my thoughts busy but very much enjoyed the quiet time to myself and the freedom to ride tonight and the morning and then watch rampage. I got to the trailhead and rode a trail i never have, it looked good on the trail guide so off I went into the dark night on the virgin rim trail. It was dark and I was borrowing a friends bike light, I wish I toggled thru the settings since apparently I rode the first hour on it's lowest setting which was a good reason why I was not impressed with the light. All my lights start off on brightest setting when I press them on, Night rider does it opposite apparently and that makes sense. So with little light I made my way along a twisty fun trail, some tough ups and rocky downs in the beginning and the other half was mellow. Ran into a few herds of cow that refused to move off the trail but did eventually let me by. After some miles I met a trail junction, and from there on it was a very very fast pedal thru the JEM trail system to the road. I really enjoyed the pedal up mostly cause the terrain was smooth and flowing. When I hit pavement I was low on time and decided to speed down the road instead of a nice loop with more dirt. I had to still get to my camp spot out on gooseberry mesa and it was 10pm. 
   A quick bite in town and off i went onto the Mesa. It was quiet out there with only a few cars so I tried to park nearby and get comfy sleeping in the car. What a night with the stars and the cozy protection inside the vehicle. I was anxious to ride the next morning but for now I needed good rest as it neared midnight.

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