Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Off to Rampage!

   Stormed down the Mesa onto pavement and made my way to the venue. Having no clue what to expect I came upon the entrance to the parking lot that was completely filled with bikes and people. There were three options to get to the venue, take the shuttle, walk down the 3 miles dirt road, or pedal. I chose to pedal for obvious reasons! I bought myself a sweet sweet hat and off I went down the road passing people left and right. There were quite a few beaters out there I must say, all walks of life and many people that couldn't make it up the smallest of hills, it was frustrating weaving and passing thru on my way but I was in a hurry.
   After the short pedal I was still filled with adrenaline and excitement for the days event, I was flying high as I valet my bike and walked into the venue to me my own super heroes! There right in front of me, Graham Aggasiz, Cam Zink, Brandon Semenuk just massive celebrities to me, just chilling signing autographs and taking pics. I was overwhelmed with what to do, do I bother them and blah blah or just sit in the distance and watch what was going on. I chose to leave them be since I didn't want to bother them although they appeared extremely friendly and outgoing. I saw massive players in the bike industry left and right, I was fan grilling so hard! After a few pictures the riders started the long walk up the course, what an inglorious site as they walked up helmet in hand to put they're life in the balance. I was scared for all of them, not just the ones with families.
   On walking up I saw my biggest idol, Andreu Lacondeguy, he was walking up the hill by the spectators with Darren Berrecloth. Since Andreu was being hammered by fans I jumped in for a shot with darren, wished him good luck today and he was on his way. I wish I got a pic with Andreu, I easily could have but again I was reserved and didn't want to bother him. I Found my seat by myself almost level with the Razr Booter. I picked this spot since this was a close tricking jump and I didn't have to rub shoulders with anyone.
    Soon riders came down, my mind was completely blown! Antoine Bizet came storming down throwing an incredible run and he threw that double backflip which was a winning run but unfortunately crashed. It was the first crash and only a few riders in. I always remember rooting for him since he threw down hard two rampages ago and became my favorite. Rider after rider began to drop, I knew 90% of all the riders, I was grinning like a schoolgirl as each superhero of mine came storming by.
   Paul bass took a massive spill, I was so close to it it made my heart stop as I watched him tumble to the ground. I would soon later that he shattered a vertebrae after he was air lifted to the hospital. I was most pumped to see Smenuks  and Cam Zink. Bother riders had underrated scores but I had high hopes for them. Sink threw an absolute crazy 360 off a massive drop and Swemenuk tricked the course too but neither were enough in the judges eyes. What a great time I was having, I couldn't stop thinking I have to go next year, I have to go next year.
    It was nearing the end of the competition and just three riders left, there was something going on since no riders were dropping, they weren't filling the crowd in about the wind issues. After enough waiting I gave up and headed to get my bike since I assumed the show was over and Aggy,Andreu and Darren were not taking their runs. Turns out Darren took his run as I watched for the bottom, and then I beat the crowd to the car and had a nice ride down to the car.

    Such an incredible event, I can't wait to go back, I will easily travel from Phoenix to make the show, I really want to spend three days there next time, getting Practice and Qualifications and next time autographs and pictures, those riders were so dope!

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