Tuesday, October 27, 2015

House to trails

Planned to ride the crest monday, wish I had a homie to ride it with, makes riding it a bit more difficult. Plan was to start mill creek and ride it out an back, a bad nights sleep had me take an extra hour of sleep and start a ride from my house instead. In usual darkness I headed down the road into Dimple Dell to my normal route out to the quarry trail. This is a fun ride except for the few miles of the sandy mulch road. The crank up Quarry trail was slow, painfully slow, I guess my legs or heart wasn't there, needless to say I did reach my turn around and headed for home. Again i felt like my heart was not in the ride, for some reason just not there. But I will roll on as the season comes to a close shortly. I start work up at Snowbird in a few weeks, approximately on the 21st of November if we get needed snow. Excited to go back to work again, even more excite to be working int the mountains!

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