Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Mueller To North Canyon

Headed for Mueller for an easy 20 mile spin, love this trail as it's comfy smooth rolling and fast and mostly an easy riding trail. I have been forcing myself to ride lately, I must say my sleeping pattern has shifted and lately I am not asleep till 12 or sometimes 1am. The mornings are getting colder and ambition just slightly lower. But I will chug on until I meet my intended goal of a 2,000 mile mountain bike season! It was nice as I was gearing up in the lot of darkness a rider rolled by and we followed each other up the trail for awhile, company on a dark fall morning is always welcome! He turned around at Elephant rock and I chugged on to Rudys flat. Dropped into North and cleaned it down to the road and back up to elephant to complete my 20 miles.

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