Sunday, September 4, 2016

Browns Delight

I was planed to ride with a homie but he bailed and I was left with a be home by 10am rule. I used this time to head out to Browns early morning for a leisure ride, I love riding this place, yea it's pretty mellow, but its flowy and very fun. It's an extensive network and I am learning it for the third time now, I like to use the two mountains granite and Cholla as my markers and try to ride something different every time. I headed for Balance Rock which is a highlight in the park, it turned out to be pretty sweet! This trails in this area have a really lively feel to them, tons of gigantic boulders that seem to have just placed themselves on top of one another forming endless shapes and cool images. Also the vegetation is slightly different, there was this sweet smell in the air I could not figure it out but it was yummy. I connected a bunch of trails with the plan for 2 hours and doablo thrown in. Halfway along Diablo I heard a voice looking for a pump. I went down to help them and sure enough they had no tube, no pump. Kind of annoying people go out this far from the trailhead without being prepared but I am always happy to help, couldn't get his tire to seat so I gave him my tube and off I went. Got back to the car faster than I thought but realized if I had more time I could easily ride another 20 miles. This was such a great fretful ride, new trails really cheer me up.

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