Monday, September 12, 2016

Phatty good one

I am trying to spread my wings a bit with the redundant rides lately, and trust me I'd spread them further if I had the time. Having to be home by 10am on Saturday gives me some travel and ride time if I am willing. This Saturday I was off to Mcdowells for a third time and hunting down fresh trail. I woke at 5am and off I went, the highway had a bunch of closed lanes but I made it there just fine. I started of on a sweet trail named Escondido, a nice cut trail along a bench that winded around the foothill and was an absolute blast! It was over to soon as I rode onto Pemberton which was a mellow crank but a boring one to say the least. At the furthest out point I decided to ride a section of Pemberton downhill and then took Bluff which turned out to be a sweet riding trail along you guessed it a bluff. With hitting gold on Escondido and Bluff I decide to keep trying my luck. I rode another new trial to me Granite to Delsie which were nothing too exciting but far better than Pemberton. There I was back at the point and adventurous and with time I headed on Gooseneck to Rock Knob. I could see this Granite Hill all morning and wanted to go take a look. It offered narrow sweet sweet single track with fantastic views. I was really happy with how this ride was coming together, I was thinking 30 miles and it looked like I was going to to add more than that as I rode back to Pemberton and then onto Tonto tank trail which was mellow and narrow and good enough, I think I will never ride Pemberton again! I had options and decided to make my way to the long loop among the competition loops. Done this one before and it was good, really felt like I could have easily kept riding but I had 35 miles and was on time so celebrate a good ride this time

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