Tuesday, September 13, 2016

New Phantom trail in Gold Canyon

Monday my legs were feeling a little wobbly from saturdays big ride, but willing and able I had time with the kiddo to school and off I went. It was a moody day with lots of clouds and rain showers nearby. As I headed for Gold Canyon I felt a new excitement, there was a new trail built and I had not been there for some time. As I headed into the network I realized the clouds offered little relief, humidity was in the air and sweat began to pour. I lazily rode in and felt all of a sudden lazy and low on power. Not sure what was going on but I chugged on anyway. After hitting the K trail I was set on the new Phantom trail and getting closer. Soon I was on it, riding many of it's technical features despite my lack of enthusiasm. It was tough coming out of a few washed but all in all a well built addition the the Gold Canyon network!

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