Monday, September 19, 2016

Gold Canyon Photo Bomb

Been wanting to get some shots of me on the bike for some time. At times I wished I had a tripod and finally used my brain to pack one in. I decided Gold Canyon had a few good tech spots to get some shots. So after I got the boy into a very rare nap I was out the door thrilled for an afternoon session. With mellow in mind I pedaled until I felt ready for a shot, that happened to be shortly into the ride and got a wheelie shot. Then rode Cougar to K trail and had a session on the rocks. Got what I needed but definitely room for improvement. Absolutely love this app called burst mode, it's exactly what a camera user needs to get the shot. The after the pics I rode down K trail and hit the new Phantom trail with a little bit of speed emphasis to keep my KOM for maybe just a little. Then a ride to the car and major stoked when I got the pics pulled up. I should do this more often!

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