Sunday, September 25, 2016


Stars aligned and off me and Chris went on a good one at South Mountain. I have been blabbing about this loop for some time and we went to tackle it. I have ridden it twice before and very much enjoy this one. I arrived early and decided to turn the tires since he was running a bit late, pedaled up Beverly and over the ridge for a quick up and over, picked up a KOM on that one I guess, not worthy but just something no one rides. Then met up with him and we began to climb Bevderly Canyon. He was smoking me from the begining, I am a bit slower on my YT given the drastic difference between my rigid singlespeed. I chugged along at a happy pace not pushing myself at all, I knew it was going to be a long crawl up Mormon and National and before I knew it up we went. I cleared lower Mormon but failed again to clean the ridge. Something to work for I suppose, after the ridge we dropped into National and found everyone else in the valley using it too. I caught up with Chris at this point as my tech skills are on point and we headed on up to the lookout. A nice rest at the top was awesome, not pressed for time and enjoying the surroundings. Dropped down the steeps and then to the parking lot and onto Corona De Loma. Such a fun chunky trail, Chris handled it very well, I took my time and enjoyed every bit of it. Then once it was over way too shortly, we pedaled like mad back to the car. Very very much enjoyed this ride!

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