Sunday, September 4, 2016

Thirsty Thursday

Well it's still plenty toasty around these parts, but still got two afternoon rides in that were uncomfortable but happily done noe the less. Thursday brought me to Hawes, I did my normal 15 mile route pretty much adding in a trail and avoiding the rock I hit unhappily two weeks ago. I reversed the trails on the other side of the road but no no avail did I find much spice in the ride. I ride a lot, I even wish I rode more, and certainly wish I had more ride locations but 5 wishing 30 minutes I can't complain. I sold a bunch of bike stuff this week and found myself with some cash, I can't help but think of the next bike, but I also have to stop myself and realize how much I like my Trek, my only complaint would be the aluminum, just doesn't ride like steel baby. I always like the unit, lifetime warrant, good price, they put 27.5+ tires on it this year and while I had a short ride on 27.5+ I was not impressed enough. I found the added weight rotation, turning feedback and hop were no reason to get rid of normal sized tires. I do get the traction thing, it's biggest bonus,but I like challenges, I don't need fat tires to making obstacles and what not easier, I am good. Still maybe a frames and I can slap 29r wheels on, or give 27.5+ another go and can always sell them I suppose.

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