Sunday, September 3, 2017

Fun Wednesday back home

Well we got to Utah nice and good at 2pm after an hour long flight instead of a 12 hour drive. I had plans to head out the next day around 4pm for a 4 day backpacking trip but before then I had a bike rental lined up for Wednesday night. There is a bike shop right down the rd and as much as I did not want a Plus bike that was my only option with them and since it was full suspension and pretty nice I decided to give it one last shot on a Canondale Bad Habit. Once Grandma was able to take care of the kiddo I was off to Corner Canyon. I hopped on the bike and began to pedal hoping for a better experience, but as soon as I met the first incline was was pretty disappointed. So much that I almost turned around in frustration as I crawled up the road on a plus bike that was also too large for me. As I pedaled on I tried to behave optimistic and I downplayed the evening ride for a more modest loop. Once I did make it to the top I will admit it the added tire was quite comfortable in a straight line but lost all control when I tried to push it on corners, which is a common problem for me on these things. The ride did get on and I am glad I hun in there, but I will NEVER try another plus bike, I can't believe how many people like them......

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