Thursday, September 7, 2017

Staying Alive

Tuesday evening I rolled out onto desert Classic and knowingly with a storm on the other end of the valley, I felt good, so good I just couldn't find myself to use my side of caution. As I rolled further in knowingly without a light I was going to be using that good ol moonlight for my ride back for sure. I could see some flashes behind me but according to the radar it was still 30 miles away. It looked a lot closer but it did start to dissipate. As I turned back it didn't look pretty but I knew I had bail points if needed. I was feeling very good, legs and mind were happy, the wind came, then the dust it got pretty bad at some points for like 10 minutes but then subsided and all was good. I wanted more trail but I opted for the car with lightning all round but not too close and no headlamp I went for the car to arrive home 30 minutes early to a happier wife I'm sure.

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