Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Slow San Tanning

Anxious to ride and out of my mind I was all set for a morning ride. At 3:30 am my son awoke with a bloody nose, it was a big mess and took awhile to get it sorted out. I figured since my alarm was set for an absurd 4:30am I might as well just roll out as planned. I got the the lot by 5am and found two cars had beat me to it, I was impressed. I lazily began the chug up San Tan and into the darkness, caught a rattler moving off the trail, that was my first rattler spotted in San Tan hopefully my last but not likely. As I got in further I realized that my performance was falling off and I just focused on enjoying the sun coming up over the desert during my ride. It brought some peace and enjoyment slowed down and enjoying my music, not that I am ever racing out there. I cut the ride a little short but tired and lazy I headed home with good miles this week.

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