Sunday, September 3, 2017

Round Hawes

Soon Thursday my son damaged my iPhone, on friday I was back on my old phone and headed for a ride while he was in school, the phone signal bounced around when I got there and proved to be useless so I had no choice but to head home so if there was an emergency I could be reached by my phone of wifi while my kiddo was at school. By Saturday I had a 20$ smart phone and bummed to be back in the Phoenix Valley but looking to get miles. I rolled into Hawes and was on dirt by 5:30am with plans to ride around the mountain to spice things up. It was humid, I though it might rain if I could see there were no clouds, as light grew so did sweat. It was soon good to be back on my own bike, I missed it's rigid light snappiness when faced up against those rental bikes. I chugged around the mountain at a decent pace, the legs took forever to warm up but they did see a lot of activity the last 7 days. It was a pretty sun rise and I was pretty glad to be on the bike even if I was back in this poop hole. Things were quiet until I made my way down the Pass Mountain Trail, then it was all DH to the car. Good mix of trail, even if theres a few miles of pavement.

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