Sunday, September 3, 2017


I got back Sunday from a 38 mile trek in the wilderness, it was absolutely incredible with good friends and good times. My legs felt ok Sunday so Monday I went to grab a regular tire bike at UVU, it was a less than impressive bike known as the Trek X Caliber that had weak parts and weight but regular tires :) I rolled out of the house with enough time to head to Park City. The plan was to do the Crest but I got a later start than I liked so I modified the plan as I went along. I started at the Trailhead and headed for Armstrong, the bike felt pretty good under me, it was heavy for a hard tail but it pedaled well and I was able to subtract most the weight without dumb dumb plus tires. Climbing I felt pretty good, I was really running thru my head that I want a geared hard trail, but after a few rough sections I realized I might as well have a rigid over a 100mm fork. Instead of turning off onto Pinecone I headed into the thick of pines and it got dark real quick. I had all night to ride essentially but came back from a few rough nights sleep and didn't need to push that hard so I decided to ride Mid Mountain. The trail and scenery was wonderful and it was getting dark quick. Once darkness settled in I grew uncomfortable with the lack of people up there and realization I had a lot of crap to do when I got home and wanted some time to relax on my last night. I rolled down Empire Connector and did the as planned roll down Main St. I have good memories of that area and it's rare I am on my own and able to relax so rolling down there after a ride and taking in the sights and smells was the icing on the cake.

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