Wednesday, December 12, 2012

2nd Rip At Crandalls

I am kicking myself.... I forgot about a little place called Crandalls down the road that is off limits to hunters. I have been detouring to Case Mountain for way too long now and this was a good change of pace. I have been here once before a few months ago, a biking friend of mine started bringing it up on the forums so I checked it out and liked it. It is only 10 minutes from my house with the route I took today which is obviously sweet. There are organized marked trails is here and there are unmarked very good mountain biker built single track as well. The map of this place is small, it pretty much utilizes a steep hillside that will make you work for every crank. The red trail up to the top is downright mean, with the leaves moist from the last few days traction was an absolute joke for me but I made it up more than the last trip so I felt somewhat good about that. The  single track trails are pretty untamed, these trails see few tires so  at times it got silly and questioned my route. I missed some switchbacks that I knew were close, but it looked like after the last storm it was just too unclear. I carried on down a nice downhill and then took a left where I made a right last time. That was the best decision I made since it lead me to some really twisty climbing switchbacks, I love this kind of stuff. Came to a tough decision as I had to choose to continue ahead to climb the rest of the ridge or take some more trail just right of me. I went right, rode a lot more good trail and then with little choice I was back on the popular wide stuff. Some more trail to the car and it was only an hour ride but I was in dire need to get out and certainly got my fix. Tomorrow morning is the plan to ride early. The baby has been so great, he sleeps by midnight and wakes for a morning feed and goes back to sleep to 11ish. Good news, I tightened the front hub and apparently it did the trick since it performed perfect for me. How tight it is too tight? I tightened what I thought was minimal enough that it would not loosen again.....hope it works.

Crandalls 2nd rip

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