Saturday, December 15, 2012

Friday Monin

Well Crandall has been fun so I went back to it on Friday at 10am and this time rode with a trail boss and got shown a couple trails I missed so far. Crandall still proves to be a mother to get miles out of but it's probably cause all that time spent climbing. After 90 minutes of fast pedaling, I was certainly getting a good workout trying to keep up. One trail I was clueless about opens up some more riding options, another switchback trail. I am still really liking the riding here, I don't have much more exploring to do here, but certainly still many loop options. My legs felt pretty out of shape after 4 hours spent there this week but it was time to put a hurting into them since rides are few and far between. Not sure what riding is to come, looks like it will be wet early in the week, I'll just keep cracking at it as I can ride.

Crandall 4th

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