Thursday, December 13, 2012

Da Goods

Wednesday morning, I am beat, baby sounds his feeding with little cries, it's 6:30am, go warm the bottle in the fridge, feed him. Done feeding, put him down. I look outside, it's a bit gray and I feel hurt, do I really want to ride today. I look out the window a few more times, question to ride or not to ride. I say to myself, later on today if the sun is out you will regret that you did not ride. A minute later, ok it's go time, crap need my bike shorts in his room. Door creaks open, then I open the cabinet, his eyes open and I scoot out of the room. Check the monitor, he is moving about and ready for action. Delay my ride plans since I told my wife fairly I will ride when Landon goes back down to sleep after his feed. I bounce him, I rock him, I can't make him go back to sleep. I come down into my workplace and do my work and wait it out. It's 8:15 he's asleep! As I stepped outside I felt how bitter and stiff the air was, it was freezing. I came this far so i carried on and headed for a ride at Crandalls. It was 31F when I arrived, I questioned my ambition but pedaled on and decided to ride counter clockwise what I did the other day and to add more trail. Mid way into my ride, I did make my way to that trail that climbed higher in between where I have been and it lead me to a split with trail names! It read Zig on one tree and Zag on the other. Being righty, I went onto Zig and pedaled on a nice flat run of trail that twisted and meandered every which way. I nearly got dizzy as I squiggled around and around but loving every second of it. I was so happy to find this great piece of trail, it was a nice break and offered a mellow pedal session. Is anything really better than finding some really good trail at a new ride location, heck no man. Soon I hit a intersection, one trail looked like ti shot down the hillside, the other was what I imagined was the start of Zag and I happened to be correct. I Zagged my way for another huge session of mellow twisties. With the same amount of trail as I put under the tire on Zig I was back at the intersection of Zig & Zag with a tired set of legs and pointed it down red and enjoyed a good downhill. The Tanuki feels so good, I have mostly to thank my suspension since it is new it just does the job right soaking up everything. What a great ride, going to try to repeat it and find out where that trail goes where Zig turns into Zag. Loving riding right now, how lucky am I it's December! Next week will be a rude awakening, get your rides in while you can!

Crandall 3rds

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