Friday, December 7, 2012


Got out for the Thursday night ride, was more pumped than ever to ride, not so unusual. I grabbed the dog since he needed to get out and headed for Hale. Bentley stormed everyone with excessive friendliness and then we were off! Since the bolt stripped on the seat post collar I was on the newish bike with gears and stuff. Set off on fly by night, pretty standard, all was going well in the dark. I must say damn those Maxis Ardents I hate them in the corners, trails were firm and freezing in the temperatures and I could not put any confidence in these tires since I bought them. Time to try those infamous Kenda Nevegals. The front end started to feel funny so I flipped the bike over and found slop in the axle, shart............ hand tighten best I could and continue to ride hesitantly knowing bike is not 100% I Feel it slopping again, go to tighten and won't tighten but sloppy, at this point I can bail or just finish the rest of the ride being only halfway in or so. Screw it, I came to ride it's once a week now, all or nothing. Crossed the stream, and water almost instantly froze anywhere on the bike it touched. Apparently quite a bit got into my brakes because when I went to use them I got maybe 10% of braking power on both brakes and that was a rude awakening. My mind was busy as I was riding realizing this wheelset had always felt flexy before the axle issue this evening and may not be good in the long run. The thought of having to buy wheels made my mind sore, since I am always behing on the dawg limping but needing wheels and a fork. The ride was mighty good it really was, rarely do I have a mechanical issue and I was thankful this was not a ride ender. Have not gotten down into the workshop to poke around with it yet, I really don't have much experience with wheelsets since they always just work for me so let's see what happens. I got about 400$ put aside, not crazy about using it for parts but I need to invest soon, might as well go 20mm front wheels and forks on both bikes........ 400$ will not be enough.........booooo

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