Friday, December 21, 2012

One heck of a nice day on Thursday, I managed to get out for 90 minutes of trail bliss. Initially I was headed for Case but few minutes into my ride I said nawww Crandalls is still new and fun and different. I was armed with the Rigid SS and a fluffy dog. Temperature was up in the 40s and it felt nice to back in shorts and T-shirt jersey pedaling around the woods. I decided to repeat the loop John took me on a week ago and going to keep that as his loop in his name. As I pedaled up, 34/21 gearing never felt worse, I felt like I was pulling a wagon full of bricks. I tightened the chain tension the night before so maybe it had slightly something to do with it, or so I am imagining. Regardless I was riding, got up most and had to work especially hard despite legs feeling heartless. Always in good company with my loyal pooch. He is such a good trail dog, apparently Crandalls doesn't tire him much like Case, makes sense since Case is faster with 3-5 more miles in the same amount of time. All in all it was a great day to ride, looking forward to more as the weather cooperates, thank goodness for it.

Crandall 5th

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