Sunday, December 2, 2012

Night Snow

I was surprised when the local Thursday night ride was on but I was pumped when it was and LuAnn ok'd the ride. We got a good 3 inches a few days before and we are the only place in the state still with it. The temperatures dropped into freezing so trail conditions could be anywhere from snow to no snow to ice. The parking lot had a good coat on it as you can see and I really did not know what to expect but was pleasantly surprised when we hit trail and the trail was perfectly dry with snow on the side. It was perfect, it was like someone went out there with a torch and dried it perfectly leaving the snow on the side. These are just the greatest rides, when the conditions are so variable, it's winter, a full moon and these crazy bikers are out in the woods in the dark riding. It was great fun right up until we neared the car and my light put me in the dark. I didn't know if I charged it after last ride and unfortunately made that guess 90 minutes before the ride when I remembered to charge it. It could not have gone out at a better time since I was just a minute from the car. I could not continue further on the the ride which sucked but I got a good hour in. Mighty good stuff, good weather coming Monday Tuesday hope to ride!!!!!!!!!

Snowy Hale

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