Thursday, December 6, 2012

Jet Lites A-51

This has been a great buy! Two years ago I completed my research and purchased a Jet Lites A-51. It offered 500 lumens and three hours burn time on high. With always being on a budget I say I got a great bang for the buck! I know magic shines are wildly popular and cheap as can be but when it comes down to it with all the gripe and problems I have seen with them, I am glad I have a set it and forget it every ride. Now on it's third season I have yet to push it past two hours of lighting but the battery is still holding perfect for me. All chargers and connections and all involved have been flawless and pleasant. A time will come where I will need to buy another light and I will without question buy another from this company in my future. I would love to add a second light to my setup and the next one might be wireless but certainly brighter! The light market is flooded out there and I am not familiar with many,but like all bike products, some stick and some don't.

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