Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Birthday Monday

Well it had to happen sometime, I hit 30, we did some stuff that day and Dad was off in the evening for a ride and had 2 hours to burn so off I went to Corner Canyon Trails. Armed with a fresh drivetrain on the Tanuki I was hoping to really rip down some trail. The legs felt like crap, I guess some kind of thing with being 30, they just had no life in them, but that did not stop me form riding. I Took shoreline trail Ann's trail and found it pretty secluded compared to the main trails. I love that trail, mostly climbing it from the city. I arrived at the summit TH expecting more time but I did not so it was a straight forward descent, turned metallica on and really tried to run down a fast run. Too bad my gears were skipping like made so I was not bale to run as fast as I would have liked but it was still impressive as I placed 75 out of 2271 riders, I could definitely knock it down a few numbers on the next run. Man another good ride, temperatures have been stable here in Salt Lake, it looks like plenty more riding before we get shut down, loving it!

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