Friday, October 10, 2014

Tuesday Hammer

got out on the trail with my wifes blessing after her work and I was off to Corner Canyon to get at least 90 minutes of ride time. It was less busy than wednesdays it appeared but still very busy trails. Fall is in mid swing in the valley so the foliage was popping off. I had figured out a loop as I went and running low on options these days but I can't complain cause the corner canyon trails are spectacular. Decided to finish the trail off with Ann's was as usual a bad choice since every one and their mother were comoing up it as usual, I guess I am finally ready to accept it as a non signed uphill only. Oh man the riding is so good I just don't want winter to come! Got an incredible sunset as I rode down tot he valley, I stopped a few times for pics cause it was well worth it.

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